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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rag Balls

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm quite bored bored I've been playing bingo on FB and ran out of coins so I figured I'd do a blog post. The kids are sitting here watching Inspector Gadget...the first time today they have been quiet. Goodness they have been at each other today. Rodney is working 24 hours of overtime so we won't be seeing him till Monday. Of course it's good for the money but not so good to not see my husband for 3 days and the kids not see their daddy for 3 days.

So besides cards and papercrafts I have also been making a few primitive things! These are rag balls and super easy to make. They are just a bit time consuming. I love rag balls...don't know why...but they just look really great in a nice primitive or antique bowl.
I am selling these...and have them in other colors as well. I have a FB page
Pretty Little Things (my profile picture is the one with the old frame upcycled)

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