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Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm baaaaacccckkkkkk!

No, your eye's are not deceiving you! I have a post for you today! I feel like I am finally back in the swing of things. It's been a very very long 6 months, from leaving Germany, finding a job for Rodney, finding a house, getting settled in, and FINALLY feeling like stamping again!
BUT....everything is going pretty good. Rodney had no problem finding a job; it helps to be well liked, a hard worker, and have contacts all over the country! We are living in North Carolina now and will be here for the next several years.
Jodus started school two weeks ago. He is going to year round school and he loves it. I thought it was going to be really hard to see him go (don't get me wrong, I did shed some tears) but he was soooo ready and seemed to feel so comfortable in his classroom that I left feeling really good. He loves school and has this huge heart and wants lots of girlfriends....I feel bad for the girls because I know at that age girls think boys are "icky".

Soooooo....I'm crafting again and I actually have a few posts lined up already!! Nice huh?! Did you all miss me? I'm still trying to find my confidence and mojo but it's slowly coming back to me!
My first card is of course a Bella card! Stamping Bella being my first non-SU! stamp ever!!! I actually made this a set of 5 and am going to try selling them. I'm opening up a little booth at a antique mall in Lumberton and I'm hoping it does well....I guess we shall see soon enough!
If you live in this area you really should check it has EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I promise you!
Carolina Country Peddlers Mall

Image~Stamping Bella
Prima Flowers

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Priscilla said...

You're Back!!! yayayyyyy!!! Very cute card by the way. I am also glad everything worked out for you guys and you are doing well.