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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A month...really???

Yes, it's been a month since my last post on my blog. I feel horrible. I love having my blog, love sharing my projects, love just letting you all into a tiny bit of my life. life has been a bit different the past 2 months and unfortunetly I haven't been able to be very crafty. I will show you why.....

This is where I did my Christmas cards! Okay so at least I have a table and I'm not having to work off the floor you see that red bucket??? That is the ONLY stamp supplies I have with me (besides my copics). It's very hard to be creative when you have such a small amount of supplies but of course I thought I'd be without my stuff weeks...not MONTHS!!! And it's hard to travel with a lot of stuff sooooo.....this is why I haven't been crafting other than my Christmas cards!

Here is a picture of our family. We normally send a picture with the cards but this year I didn't have time to get a picture, get prints made and sent here and then sent out so.....Merry Christmas!!!
Just don't look at my hubby's STERN face

I promise to be back soon with some pictures of our tree this year. Yes, even though we are in TLF (temp. living facility) we still got a tree from a friend and made our decorations.
Thank you so much to all my cyber and IRL friends. You all mean so much to us and have been so thoughtful and caring and keeping us in your prayers and we really do appreciate it!