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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Tree This Year

As most of you know, this year Christmas was a little different for us. We spent it in Temp. Lodging on base. This was NOT the plan's what happened so we made it work the best we could!

Since we had no decorations and we really wanted to make sure the kids had a tree we decided to make our own. Our craft store on base didn't have much (no surprise) but what they did have we made work!

Popcicle sticks and paint...hmmmmm....what can we do with those?!

Jodus and Leila painting....Jodus did really well....Leila she tried her best...and once her little hands got paint on them it was OVER....she wanted nothing to do with the painting anymore (she's such a girl :) )

Daddy and Jodus gluing some sticks!

Pipe-cleaners and beads....hmmmmm (and yes they are colored beads...that's all they had)

He's so proud of his snowman or whatever that is (LOL)

Glitter Time....she loved that part!

This is going to be a tree! they are....snowflakes, sleds, santas and snowmen, tree's, beaded candy canes!

The was only 4 1/2 feet and it was fake but it served the purpose!


He was so happy!


You know, this year was very trying for us and I thought it was going to totally suck not having our nice big, fresh Christmas tree and all my wonderful ornanments but what I found out was:
My kids LOVED doing this! They loved it so much that I have decided to make this part of our yearly tradition. Of course I will still have my nice big, fresh tree with MY decorations but we will also have another smaller tree that will be decorated in nothing but homemade decorations and each year we will do a new kind of ornament plus anything that someone sends us that is homemade. My friend here made me a few cricut snowflakes that came out FABULOUS and of course they will always be a part of the tree too!
We seem to always get caught up in what we THINK our kids "need" or "want" when what they really want is US, to spend time with their mom's and dad's doing something as a family. Don't get me wrong, my kids are spoiled but it was great to remember just being a family!