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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My altered lunchbox!

I had recently done my very first altered anything and I loved it so much I wanted to do another one for myself. I have been storing my made cards in a zip lock baggie like I have been doing for the past 7 years now! So I thought it was time to make a nice box deserving of them for storage!!!!
Here is the top of my tin. I have the hardest time getting the paper on the top the right way due to the handles so I have decided to just paint the tops of my tins an I really like the look. So this is painted in a pink then I used one of my new favorite SU! stamp sets and stamped in brown on the top, added a stamped saying from my Bellas and of course had to use some stickles! And the ribbon, lots of browns, pinks and cream colors. Most of the ribbon I had just gotten in from a swap I had joined......that swap was worth joining!!!!

The front of my tin. Well, the paper is from one of my paper stacks. I love the wonderful colors (brown and pink are my "in" colors right now) and it had a little touch of glitter and some fairies on the paper.....perfect for me! I got to use my new cricut for the letters and the little flower looking shapes behind the letters. Of course some more stickles, a letter A for April of course and two pretty little prima flowers.

A close up view of the saying on the top. I just love Bellas!!!!!

And the dividers. I used one of my tag stamps from SU!, used a cream colored paper and of course used one of the stamps from my new favorite set, some stickles and used the saying again.

So anyway, I thought I would share this with you all because......I am very happy with the way it turned out. It's not perfect but it's it suppose to be????!!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Best Friends........

There are so many things I would like to say about my best friend. But where would I begin.....we have a long 7 year or so history. Not all of it good but I think that is what makes a best friend an a friendship stronger. Having the rough times and getting through them and still being able to be friends. I can not even say how happy I am that she finally decided to get back in touch with me through myspace and from there it has been getting better and better.
So anyway, I got this package from her the other day. I loved everything soooooo much. All of my favorite things. I didn't post the cards but both Kelly and her daughters made me the cutest cards ever. I think I need to make a display area for all my favorite cards!!!!!
I took a few pictures of her great creations.......she has so little self-confidence when it comes to her ablities but I love these little handmade things she sent. By the way........I'm not opening the worms up!!!!! I love it just as it is.

Stickles.....I'm in love with them, use them on 90% of my projects. Bellas......I know I don't need to say how much I love bellas. A set of clear stamps...........too cute. A thing of brads..........I love embellishments. And some of the daubles from Bella!!!!! Can't wait to use them.

Thank you Kelly for you wonderful package, I loved everything more then you know. And the past few days havent' been so great so it was a great pick me up!!!!
I love you and I really hope we won't have to stay seperated!!!!! I'm lonely here in Germany all by myself! Nobody to stamp with, nobody to talk to daily, nobody to hang out with, nobody to play games with.....the list goes on.
I may have a project to show you all in a few days that I have been working on! Yay!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, well, well!!!! My birthday is next week and my husband is deployed to Iraq right now so I received his birthday gifts to me in the mail on Saturday. He was so excited about his gifts for me that he told me I couldn't open them until I was talking to him on the phone.

Can you guess what he got me.........................A CRICUT!!!!!

I hadn't even REALLY asked for one. I just mentioned it in conversation. And not only did he get me the machine but also 9 cartridges, the machine comes with 2. He was so very proud of himself and the good job he did picking out my gift this year.

I have used it today. I don't really know everything it can do so I was just testing it out a bit. I think I am going to LOVE it! He really did do a good job.

So in getting this new tool that I have to find a space for what did that entail..........reorganizing my room....again! I always have fun doing that! Now even more I am thinking about what storage I am going to get. I had to find a place that was close enough for a USB cable to reach the computer (I bought the design studio) and a place that was close to my desk. This is what I came up with!

My reorganized desk...all nice and clean

And my FAVORITE little jars. I love these things. I got them at Ikea and they have a lot of room in them, fit perfectly in the tray and you can see into them. I am one of those Out of sight Out of mind people so I like to have everything displayed but I want it to look nice when it's displayed. More husband returns!!!!!cute jars from Ikea when my

I hope that you all had a great 4th of July and the rest of your summer goes well! I will be sitting here stamping, writing, and keep up with my kids!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Addicted to Bellas!

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So, I am doing a secret sister swap on SCS and I had received these images from her and I just thought they were so cute. Didn't know where they were from but then my BF sent me an email about Bellas. Well that was the beginning of the end!!! In the past month I have put in 3 orders to Stamping Bella! I love these images. They don't come with any backing so I had to buy the stuff that is on there site and mount them myself and now I can use them on acrylic blocks.

So last night my son was bugging me to stamp and I hadn't stamped my Bella images for a swap I am hosting so I figured we might as well get everything out! My son just got his own ink pads and a new set of stamps from SU!. So I ended up stamping 120 bella images and even though my hand was hurting I could have stamped another 120! I am such a girly girl and I love these stamps.

I have come up with a solution for now to store my Bellas. The baggies that they came in weren't big enough to hold them once I applied the backing so I found these big baggies at the craft store on base and O rings and put the little labels on the outsides of the baggies and put the bellas inside. They are all in one place and they are easy to access. Now I just have to get some hooks so I can hang them! husband just told me yesterday that he wanted to buy us a whole new stamping/computer area! He said I needed more storage! You have to understand....deployments do things to husband is in a VERY giving mood!!! So we will see when he comes home what I can figure out and buy. I would love more storage. I like to be able to see everything (for me out of site out of mind) is a big thing. So I would love to have something that I can display lots of stuff but still have it look nice and neat and organized! Cute little jars and baskets and cubbies....oh the possibilities!!!!!! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful

FOURTH OF JULY! God bless you all!Myspace Layouts