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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Addicted to Bellas!

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So, I am doing a secret sister swap on SCS and I had received these images from her and I just thought they were so cute. Didn't know where they were from but then my BF sent me an email about Bellas. Well that was the beginning of the end!!! In the past month I have put in 3 orders to Stamping Bella! I love these images. They don't come with any backing so I had to buy the stuff that is on there site and mount them myself and now I can use them on acrylic blocks.

So last night my son was bugging me to stamp and I hadn't stamped my Bella images for a swap I am hosting so I figured we might as well get everything out! My son just got his own ink pads and a new set of stamps from SU!. So I ended up stamping 120 bella images and even though my hand was hurting I could have stamped another 120! I am such a girly girl and I love these stamps.

I have come up with a solution for now to store my Bellas. The baggies that they came in weren't big enough to hold them once I applied the backing so I found these big baggies at the craft store on base and O rings and put the little labels on the outsides of the baggies and put the bellas inside. They are all in one place and they are easy to access. Now I just have to get some hooks so I can hang them! husband just told me yesterday that he wanted to buy us a whole new stamping/computer area! He said I needed more storage! You have to understand....deployments do things to husband is in a VERY giving mood!!! So we will see when he comes home what I can figure out and buy. I would love more storage. I like to be able to see everything (for me out of site out of mind) is a big thing. So I would love to have something that I can display lots of stuff but still have it look nice and neat and organized! Cute little jars and baskets and cubbies....oh the possibilities!!!!!! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful

FOURTH OF JULY! God bless you all!Myspace Layouts


Kelly Haberstroh said...

Love the "Bella Baggies"!!! Great idea!!! Love your pirates "J" ... Tell your darling hubby I need some new storage too ... hahahaha ... can't wait to get my Bella images ... can't wait to get my next Bella order either ... do you realize how much we enable eachother??? I am telling you we need to start our own rubber stamp line ... we could make some major bucks ... hahaha ...