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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Craft room

So I figured I would start with the basics.....the craft room.

As you can see from the pictures I share this room and it has many is my son's playroom, it is the computer room, it is my craft room, and it is also Leilas nap room (I took our the pack n play because I was vacumming). So I am a bit limited in the area I have and believe me, it has been hard to keep my son out of my stuff!!!!!! And I know my daughter is next!

The Germans don't believe in built in storage. So there are no closets in our house. We did get lucky and got a pantry which is VERY used! So I have to try to make due where I can with storage and become creative!!!

In this desk I have my paper in the top drawer and the bottom drawer is just odd and end things. In those two little holes I have my my Sizzix alphabet dies and some other odd things. And of course there is my son lounging on the floor!

Ahhhhh, here is where the magic happens!!! Not that creative magic! For me, this is a mess and totally not as organized as I would like for it to be but I don't have a lot of room and space available. I am waiting for some more little containers to come in so I can store my brads. I just got a ton of new ones in the mail and don't have anywhere to store them. And.......I just ran out of room on that shelf for my stamp sets. NOW WHAT? I know what my husband would say....."stop buying them" and my response......."not a chance!"

The computer desk side! I use this area a lot especially lately. My college classes are all online so I sit at this desk for a long time some days. Also with my husband gone we have been able to sort of IM through e-mails so I take whatever chance I get to do that with him. Plus every so often he can go to the web cafe and we can use our web cames..........totally AWESOME!

Ahhhhhh, the playroom area! Do you think my son has enough crap? Oh and I forgot, I also share the room with Jodus' hampster....Wiggles! I do have the top shelf and the very top of the unit for my stuff. I love those containers. I got them at IKEA here in Germany! Love them!!!!

And one last photo! Just a closer look at the desk area. My mess right now! The top shelf is full of paints (just recently got into using paint on my stuff) favorite glitter in the world! and a ton of embellishments along with some Sizzix dies and my can't live without Xyron!

I hope you enjoyed your tour through my crafting area! I love to look at what other people have done with there craft areas so I thought I would share mine too!


Kelly Haberstroh said...

WOW!!! Great April!!! I am impressed ... maybe I will have to show you my "space" ... I hate that I had to move to our bedroom ... lol ...