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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, well, well!!!! My birthday is next week and my husband is deployed to Iraq right now so I received his birthday gifts to me in the mail on Saturday. He was so excited about his gifts for me that he told me I couldn't open them until I was talking to him on the phone.

Can you guess what he got me.........................A CRICUT!!!!!

I hadn't even REALLY asked for one. I just mentioned it in conversation. And not only did he get me the machine but also 9 cartridges, the machine comes with 2. He was so very proud of himself and the good job he did picking out my gift this year.

I have used it today. I don't really know everything it can do so I was just testing it out a bit. I think I am going to LOVE it! He really did do a good job.

So in getting this new tool that I have to find a space for what did that entail..........reorganizing my room....again! I always have fun doing that! Now even more I am thinking about what storage I am going to get. I had to find a place that was close enough for a USB cable to reach the computer (I bought the design studio) and a place that was close to my desk. This is what I came up with!

My reorganized desk...all nice and clean

And my FAVORITE little jars. I love these things. I got them at Ikea and they have a lot of room in them, fit perfectly in the tray and you can see into them. I am one of those Out of sight Out of mind people so I like to have everything displayed but I want it to look nice when it's displayed. More husband returns!!!!!cute jars from Ikea when my

I hope that you all had a great 4th of July and the rest of your summer goes well! I will be sitting here stamping, writing, and keep up with my kids!!!!


Melanie said...

Your craft area is so beautiful and I'm so jelous. Girl I don't use the software. I have not invested in it so you don't feel you NEED it to be crafty. I know a lot of girls use it though and it expense your use of the machine. Until I'm real comfortable with it I decided to keep it simple and do only what the cartrdiges could do on their own. Have fun playing!!

Melanie said...

In my last post I meant to say it expands toeh use of your machine (not expense). I'm so loose brained sometimes.

Kelly Haberstroh said...

YEAH!!! I am green with envy over here!!! Way to go Rod!!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER AWARD!!! lol ... Have loads of fun with it girly!!! Woooohoooo!!!

Happy Birthday!!!