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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Workshop

Last weekend I did my very first SU! workshop EVER. I have been using SU! products for about 10 years now and began selling it or being a "hobby demo" when I got to Germany but never really had the desire to do workshops...I wouldn't say didn't have the desire...just didn't feel I had the "network" and honestly didn't want to do the work to establish one. But anyway...I decided I'd have a little workshop because I met a girl that was really into SU! (Kim ;) ) and card making so I thought at my Pampered Chef party I'd do a little workshop too.

Here are the projects we did:
Goodie Bag Topper...super simple and everyone really loved making the flowers...I was surprised by that!

Here is the first card we made....since we are in Europe and most of us have been to Paris I thought this would be a cute card to do.

And My personal favorite and it seemed to be a it with everyone else too! I just love the butterflies and the new SU! rhinestones...I can't seem to get enough of them!!!

Now that you've seen all the projects can you tell me what is wrong with one of them? I didn't even realize the mistake until someone pointed it out to me at the you know how embarressed I was...OMGosh...I could have crawled under the table. So...what's the mistake???
I'll let you all know in my next post to give you all time to respond so stay tuned!!


Melina said...

okay...I don't see anything wrong...must be having a blond moment! Beautiful projects April! Way to go! :)

Nancy said...

Cute cards! Is the mistake "Hello" and "Merci"....It could be a thank you card!! I think your cards are awesome!!

Terria said...

They look great I can see on the butterfly card that "thoughts is a little lite and looks missed stamped but I wouldn't say it's a mistake. I have seen a few cards done like that on purpose for the light soft impressing . I still like them all !

marsha said...

These look fabulous April! I'm sure you were a fabulous hostess!
Hugs, Marsha

Jenny said...

Oooh what a pretty collection!! I really love those butterflies on your last card :)

Colleen said...

THey're all pretty, but I think the butterfly one is my fave! Love the rhinestones!

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AnnMarie said...

Ok, I looked and looked and I just do not see a mistake?! They are all beautiful!