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Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, as of today I have exactly 2 1/2 weeks until my husband comes home! I am starting to get excited about it. I have been trying not to think too much about it because then the days seem to go by so much slower but it's getting close enough now to start getting excited! Of course I had to do the usual "girly" things and get myself plus the kids "homecoming outfits" and then of course......the "bedroom outfits" and we are making daddy a banner to hang on the front door and I of course will need to do some cleaning and preparing!
In case you haven't noticed, I don't do much personal blogging on here because I normally do that on my myspace. So if you ever want to know more about "me" you can always look there. I think I have the link on the left hand side of my blog.
No pictures today. I haven't been very crafty lately but.....I did make a huge investment just last week and can't WAIT for it to come.....I broke down (after convincing my husband why I NEEDED to have them) and bought the copics. Yes, I bought them! I got sets A B and D. I skipped set C because it had a lot of black and grey in it and I don't think I will need that and if I do I can always order them later. I bought them from this site Manga University It is a drawing school that has a school store you can buy from. It was the best prices I could find.
So I hope you all are having a great start to your weeks. Enjoying the extra day off (if your lucky enough to get it). Hopefully I will have more to write later. I am sure I will be writing once I get my SU! kit in! I can't wait to get started with it and see my new stamps! Yippee!


Melanie said...

That is awesome about your copics. I used a set at the shoebox swap I was at and loved the look and feel of them. I went a tad cheaper though and got Prismas. I really like them as well. I have been crafting a lot lately but need to take pics and blog. Exciting Rodney will soon be home. Yippy Skippy!! Have a great day!